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Pamela Derish
Pamela Derish M.A.

Scientific Publications Manager
UCSF Department of Surgery

(415) 885-7686 

Pamela Derish M.A. is the Scientific Publications Manager for the Department of Surgery at UCSF, where she provides editorial support for faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and residents, to help them publish their research findings and obtain grant funding. She has over 15 years of experience as a biomedical editor at UCSF.

Pamela teaches an intensive scientific writing course twice a year and has taught workshops on grant writing and scientific writing at UCSF for Global Health Sciences, the Bixby Center for Global Reproductive Health's Infectious Disease Training Program, and the Professional and Academic Success Skills Program, among others. She has also given workshops on various scientific writing topics nationally, including for the American Society of Transplant Surgeons Professional Development Symposium and the Association for Academic Surgery's Fundamentals of Scientific Research Course.

She recently served as instructor for the Kenyan Medical Research Institute-UCSF East African Scholars Writing Retreat, held in Suba, Kenya.  Her own research and publications primarily concern scientific writing and authorship issues.

Selected Publications

  1. Derish PA, Annesley TM. If An IRDAM journal is hat You Choose, Then Sequential Results Are What You Use.  Clinical Chemistry (in press, August, 2010).
  2. Derish PA, Eastwood SL.  A Clarity Clinic for Surgical Writing, J Surg Research 147;50-58, 2008.
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